Tomorrow’s Web, and Why


I used to wonder why the digital revolution seemed so stupid until I realized it isn’t a revolution, it’s a social theme. Computers allow us – as a culture – to be more of what we are, and faster. Technology is driven by demand, not supply, and reeks of consumption, profit, and entertainment.

This is why Microsoft dominates the world with a third-rate operating system, Apple’s success is based on telephones, Google’s vision is limited to commerce, and web programming is done with awful HTML and Javascript. I will tell you about the next step and what’s being done to implement it…

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One thought on “Tomorrow’s Web, and Why

  1. yep, agree. For the recent years, 2 much attentions are put on the social and mobile part! But I guess it’s just a process (it’s still the childhood of the social network and mobile apps, it needs time to get maturer and do some really great and meaningful stuffs).


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