Leading Group Regression


Leading a group regression is like driving a bus to a sightseeing destination, except that once the doors open each tourist dissolves into their own world… I let the group container dissolve, and then I rebuild it. This works.

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9 thoughts on “Leading Group Regression

    • Carmen, Are you coming to the group event in James Bay at noon on 10/7? What happens there will be strongly influenced by the group that shows up. The most important factor is the feeling of safety, so a small, like minded group has the most potential. A shared experience is not equal to a personal regression but it builds confidence and connection in ones self. I aim for that. Focus positive intention and accept whatever comes as the right task. Obscurity and contradiction are useful. There is always a next step. – Lincoln


  1. hello Lincoln

    I found this on Facebook and know nothing of the people involved ( like minded) or experience expected
    I have not been to this group —-ever— and am not familiar with the process—– at all —I am always concerned with safety and looking to clear any past interference without any added interference in the process
    I have done a lifetime of clearing processes– experience based —-not so much interested in intellectual, spiritual belief systems at this point in time or dealing with persons on medication
    do you have a criteria as to whom this group is best suited?
    please confirm and clarify the time
    with appreciation


  2. The less you know about this process, the better off you’ll be. Preconceptions only get in the way. This process is all about you, it’s guided by you, it’s controlled by you, and its limits and opportunities are entirely your own. Preconceptions, or just concepts, are what this approach allows you to get beyond, if you let yourself. The people for whom this is best suited are those most ready to let go and fall into their imagination or, if you prefer, memory. Imagination and memory are basically the same thing, as you’ll see. One’s ability to do this is half of it; feeling safe is the other half of it. Only by establishing some degree of trust and rapport can I help build the trust part. The ability part you bring.


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