Not Past Not Regression



“Past Life Regression” is a brand name that all those who sell it fail to understand. It is not about past lives and it is not about regression … it is a process of personal integration through means of your own choice.

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2 thoughts on “Not Past Not Regression

  1. I read what you wrote but I believe that are referring to the hypnosis method when the person is not conscious of the past life regression. Instead, they have the therapist telling them the story of what happened. In Psychic Nest, we don’t use such a method but derivative of it. This means that the person is fully conscious and aware of the past life regression. It is true that the experience can change your life forever because it shakes your reality, it changes the way you see the world and the people around you but mostly the way you perceived things. Thank you for the great reading.



    • In my approach the client is the guide and leader, they are aware, verbal and in control. They are more autonomous than in those regressions where it is insisted that they experience anything “life like.” Given that freedom I find that most people do not experience a life-like territory. Sometimes, but only a small fraction of the time. On the other hand, if the facilitator insists that it is a life that they are going to find, then it is more likely that they will. Their level of trance my clients enter varies tremendously. I am only there to protect and encourage them. The question of the reality of the past life is important to some people, irrelevant to others. The answer to the question has no effect upon anything beyond what the person having the experience decides that it will have. As such, the question and its answer are part of the process.


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